Get it for someone who gets it

Harshables Greeting Cards

Because we all need to laugh a bit. We really do.


Harshables Greeting Cards rely on no special day because the sentiments inside a Harshables card are everyday thoughts that you and your friends or family members say to each other because it’s funny….to you.

You won’t find deep sentiment and reflection in a Harshables greeting card. That’s not our strong suit or our intent. So for those who may not see the humor in it, this is not a card for them. It’s simply to Harsh!

“Humor — that is our intent, for those who get it. gives us a unique way to laugh a little bit. That’s good stuff.”

Do they always make sense? Nope. But life doesn’t always make sense either. It’s the circle of life! So, don’t be mean with Harshables. That would be mean of you. Get it for someone who gets it.

Be funny. It’s good to be funny.

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